new motor question


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Nov 13, 2010
hello to all im new here and this is my first post (not sure if its in the right area). anyways i just purchased an 83 t type and 3 days, 400 miles, later the motor decieded it didnt wanna run anymore. i took it to a shop and the options came up to rebuild the motor or just buy a new one. i chose to buy a new one (just the long block) the other thing that came up was having the turbo rebuilt or buying a new one. the shop owner said the turbo rebuild would be about $250 or i can just buy a new one for quite a bit more. my question is can the motor handle more boost then its stock setting and can the turbo handle more boost as well? and how much? also if the motor can handle more but the turbo cant and i sourced out a new turbo at that point what turbo would be recommended (a rough price would be nice too) and how many psi can the motor handle, max and safely? also without having to do much the tranny cant handle it or ill need a whole new fuel system...hope i didnt leave too much out and any and all help or other recommendations are greatly appreciated
How much have you invested so far? Is this mechanic familiar with turbo buicks? Be careful. Be very careful.
The car was 4k and the new motor was 1.5k. He has worked on a few b4 but not a carb'd one. Thanx for the help guys those links are great!