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Well today i became a geniune TR owner. I have always loved these cars but today i bought one. It is 87' T-Type Limited w/ 36,000 original miles, silver with grey leather. My friend gave me a ride to pick up the car and on the way home we raced on the freeway. himin his 95'z28 which runs consistent 13.7's an me in the limited. We both hit it around 65mph and I jumped on him hard!! He started to stroke threw the gears and got me on the top end but boy did i scare him!!! i cannot wait to start modding. I have ordered a afpr, fuel pump, and after it gets running perfect i will start modding!! It has a hypertech chip in it but i want to get that out and install a thrasher or Reds 93. any suggestions? Thanks
hey- our cars are twinkies!! my limited is silver with cloth interior, hardtop, with the blackout trim.

ive always liked the thrasher chips- have lower timing, and allows you to run more boost than reds 24* 93 chip

if you buy the smc alcohol injection kit- (allows your car to run more boost on pump gas)- you wont even waste your time running your buddies LT1 camaro...

good luck, im sure your gonna start modding that car soon, if so, look into buying a transmission shift kit, i highly recommend it!!

get er dun
Aint it schweet!!! Hadn't even changed the oil yet and ur already givin him a glimpse into the furture, the NEAR future. $300 in mods, you'll be layin the SMACK DOWN, and he'll have his car up for sale!

Welcome to the club and if you haven't been around long, THIS SITE ROCKS!! I am relatively new here too, and it is clear that these guys don't throw around BS, they KNOW the answers to your questions, and they answer them quickly.

Also, call Red Armstrong and ask for his info. I spoke to him the week I bought my car, and he spewed out information on CHEAP mods that work faster than I could jot them down. The info that he mailed me is a great reference and it has plenty of supporting evidence. I left his number at my office, so email me if u want it.