New Owner of 2000 Regal GS


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Aug 20, 2008
I picked up a 2000 Regal GS over the holidays. I've read up on the SC 3800 series II/III cars and initially I wanted to swap a 3800 series II/III into my Grand National, but I just had the motor and transmission rebuild. So instead, I figured I would just buy a SC Regal and go from there. I'll my mods here soon. Goal is to get it into the 11s with the SC. Then rebuild the engine and threw a turbo on it and get it into the 10's.
Keep us posted!
Here I am over 3 years later and I have done nothing to the car, other than fix the heaters and get the smallest pulley possible for the SC. My wife keeps telling me to get rid of it because it is an eye sore. I keep telling her that I will eventually get my spare block rebuilt and slap a turbo on it and run 10s more reliable then my Grand National.
Easier said than done, I assure you. Very possible with a Series 2/3 build, but many things have to be correctly configured from nose to tail for the whole package to work right.

I've been chasing that goal in my spare time (deployments and cross-country moves tend to disrupt momentum), but with the goal of keeping the Buick comforts, clean build quality, and optimizing/customizing various systems as they're installed... it's become more of a long-term fun project that can knock-down 11's anytime I want, and will eventually see 10's when things all come together right.
I didn't realize that anyone had responded to my post. When I bought the car it was already capable of running high 12's.
It's tuned for ethanol and the transmission has a "stage two build" and many upgrades under the hood and I probably will not put a turbocharger on it, but rather leave the supercharger with 2.55" pulley. The first thing I need to do is fix some electrical gremlins and then the powersteering, which seemed to go out overnight. Everything will have to wait on this car until I get all the other 800 things I need to do first.

I have watched your YouTube channel and your rides are very nice, I solicited shop about getting the car painted and I was quoted $7k and it was out the window with that idea.