New owner of a syclone

keith theriot

where to find specs. Tuning info, diagrams etc. does these run on speed density chip , I don't see a MAF, I have a GN the Sy is for my son and need help getting started
Powertuneplus is one of the best reads you can do on one of these trucks. Covers the basics as well as modification stages.
1813 It is my son that purchased it, and we are trying to learn the basics, is not letting any new members in for some reason. but we have found that the TPS was bad and also the fuel pump , it sounds pretty good when the pump builds to 42psi but it doesnt keep up. word is this truck has been low 12s, and we were told it should be in 11s with the right tune, we will just have to wait and see. the truck is in great shape and has no rust, picked it up for 5g
I remember a thread on here saying if you join on Facebook and message them there they will sign you up on the Web page...any pics?
did some looking around last night, still has a 2bar map, red stripe injectors (40 psi i am guessing), external waste gate, big pump for the inner cooler, and a brand new MSD box which is still in the box. one of the pics is in the previous owners shop and the other two are after putting the moldings back and a wash job. still needs to be waxed. Interior is all original except for boost, oil pressure, and A/F gauges, under the hood the battery has been relocated to the bed and air box moved


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