New rims but some rust.. help


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hey fellow tb's. i recently bought a pair of 1987 gn rims. with a lil surface rust. also the chrome on one rim is peeling off. i was told to get some sand paper and a lil bit of paint (chrome) do a lil bit light sanding and repaint. is this true can i save the rim that has the surface rust and chipped chrome please help me, i have the rims i want and i really want to save them. thanks fellow tb'ers.
It's going to de hard to put some shine back into them unless you send them to someone who'll rechrome them...:redface:

Claude. :smile:
hum... and is it pricey as well cuz i llive on a budget. and if so i need to find a place in nyc.
Like toofastforyou said, really not much you do short of re-chroming. The paint will not look anything like real chrome. While chrome does look good when its in nice shape, there's really nothing you can do once it goes south.
Get them re-chromed. The chrome plating they used on these rims was horrible. The lowest mile GN rims typically look bad. And if the chrome held up somewhere along the line a tire machine got to them and put marks in the chrome. Trying to fix the chrome is like putting a band aid on a rotted out quarter panel!