New sd2 chip question


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Mar 1, 2009
Hello,. I have the sd2 chip with e85

The car is extremely hard to crank.
I have to try about 10 times and have made some initial changes per the instructions and once it cranks it will continue to crank easily but the next day I have the same problem again.

I can't tell if its rich or lean when this happens. But it happens every time I try to crank it up the first time each day
Increase the cranking fuel trim. It's not uncommon to see +15% needed
What do mean hard to crank? Slow to turn over or slow to fire?

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I've got the cranking fuel trim all the way to 50.0 which is as high as it will let me enter and the car still won't crank while it is cold unless I attempt at least 6-10 really holding the key for 10 or second
id look at basics like vacuum leak, fuel pressure, plug range,MAP sensor,temperature sensor input, injector size on tune table, tps setting
You need more fuel so in the crank trim if you type in -10 or minus 5 it will start a lot easier. I had the same issue and mines at -12 and it fires first turn
Could be a weak fuel pump too. I had a pump that cranked a little long. That pump crapped out soon after. When I put the new pump in it would fire up immediately.
Okay did u put the - sign in the cranking fuel trim ? As I said I had a similar issues that was resolved by typing in -13 in the cranking fuel trim parameter in the tune page
you are trimming fuel when u actually need to add Alil . As long as it runs fine when it on just try it
I might have to do like you guys say and look at some other things.
I set the cranking trim like yall told me and it is still extremely hard to crank.

I have to crank it so long that the battery wi run down.

One thing that I notice is that while attempting to crank that when the oil pressure reaches around 60 psi or so it will hit like it wants to crank then if I stop for a second and crank on it another 20-30 seconds it will crank.

When I initially turn the key on the fuel pressure gauge goes to approximately 40 psi but the pressure drops pretty quickly but when I attempt to crank it stays up around 40 psi.

Once the car finally cranks and the car warms up it will crank every time on the first try.

I don't know if this means anything or not but I am having an issue with my wideband 02. I can't get a read it stays the same all the time
What spark plugs are you running?

When it does finally start does it sputter to life or start up normally?

Crank it for 10-15 seconds then pull a spark plug and see if it's wet of dry. That would tell you which direction you should go.
When it finally starts it sputters til it levels out.

I will check the plugs like you suggested then get back.

It only started this when I changed to the sd2 chip
I may put the old chip back in and try to see if it cranks easier
If I turn the key on the fuel pressure immediately goes to 40+ psi but instantly drops to 20 and within 30 seconds is back to zero.
Shouldn't it hold the pressure longer than that?
Like I said you have to add fuel if you haven't just try it . -15 in the crank fuel trim