new shurflow pump question


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i'm going for it!
i got my pump today, a little smaller than what most of you guys run, but i got it at cost so i can't complain, it should work for me.

2.8 gph
5 amps
45 psi
smaler size, easier to mount.

my question is on the pump side there is the screw that i would think is for the pressure, only it says "adjusts shutoff only---does not change flow or operating pressure" also there is something that looks funny with teh wireing. the ground goes into the motor like it should, but the hot goes into the pump side, back out then into the motor. i'm wondering if this pump is ging to work for me? 45 psi surely isnt' enough and if i can't turn it up then i'll have to return it.

will it work?

also why does it say not for use with flamable liquids? methanol is flameable last i checked.
The GPH is nice and high. the question on pressure is the tricky one.

The issue with flammable liquids was due to not pumping liquids like gasoline through it. Since the seals are not compatible with gasoline. So if the housing and materials used are compatible with alcohol, then you'll be ok. Dunno bout you pressure question, but 70-80 is the norm for PSI. The other ones used you can crank the pressure up and worst case scenario, cheap. Irn mine at over 100 PSI, but thats me.

Put a guage on its outlet using a nozzle. Then measure its pressure output.

what kind of gauge can i use that will be safe with alky?

i'm not going to try to get insane boost pressures with just alky, i'll throw some race fuel in when i want 20#+ of boost so if its not working up to its full potental then so be it. thats not going to happen very often anyways.

but what about the screw? it says it adjusts shutoff only, not pressure. is that the shutoff pressure? the big question is will it work.

one other question. i was thinking about using the raditor overflow resivor for the alky, but i got to looking at it and i'm thinking it would be much easier to put the pump on the drivers side where the charcol canister is now, and put the charcol canister on the frame (where it should be anyways, its tearing up my air filter). if i do that i'll have to either run a line from the radiator overflow to the pump, or get a new container. is there any good containers anyone knows of that i can use in that small area? semi stock looks are the goal.
Why not use a fuel pressure guage, and do your tests with water. Water isnt going to hurt anything.

I dont have specs on your pump. You should of just gotten one from Northern or myself and eliminated the giant question mark issue you have. The time spent fooling with this pump, may of been better not spent. i dont want to sound like you made a bad decision, just that its easier to figure out when others have been there and done that. I can only agree with if the pump was free, then there is savings. But to run the risk of damage to the pump..I dunno man.

Doesnt take a lot of alky to sustain 20 PSI. Your install question, take a look at pixs on my website, on Stevemons website, Mr. Urls's website, etc. This has been done a bazillion times. I like my hoses as short as possible, whenever possible. And storage tank as large as possibe. The stock GN overflow tank is a gallon capacity.

I by no means am a pump engineer. if the materials used are the same as the 8000 pump we all use typically, then you should be ok. Shurflo makes 100's different pumps. For different applications.

You'll have to call shurflo and ask them what materials are used, and are those materials compatible with chemicals like alcohol.

next question

how much steel braided line does it usually take to go from the pump to the up pipe? pump being where ever you usually put it razor.

about that, where exactly is that, in your pics it looks like its mounted on the bumper? i can't really make our exactly where that is.

i asked abut 3" of braided nitrous line, figuring it will hook up to the nitrous fitting easly. is that about the right legnth, any issues with running alky through a no2 line?

also does anyone make some type of an adapter to go from the 1/2 inch shurflow end to the 1/4 or however big the line is? i could rig up something my self but i'd rahter just buy something thats right.

after the plumbing part is over i should be just fine,
I mount the pump in two different places. depends if the car has an oil filter relocation kit(aka turbo saver), if not, then it goes on the passenger side core support, behind the head light. If it has an oil filter deal on the core support, I use the front bumper mounting bolts. Difference is the length of feed hose.

I have the hose kits if it makes your life easier.

Use the hago nozzle, its easier to deal with and cheaper. Have those too.

Shurflo uses 3/8 pipe fittings. The way I do i, uses a 90 degree on the inlet and a straight -4 on the outlet.

Then its a matter of figuring pressure needed and a way to trigger it. If you run into issues, there are always electronics to make life simpler.

Piece o' cake
you might have sold me on some of your parts razor.

problem is i just bought a nitrous fan spray body, it doesnt' say what the threads are on it, part number is 13500nos. if your hoses will fit it then i'll take one of your $40 sets.

if it won't fit let me know and i'll try to take this nos thing back, but i don't think they take returns. i could always find a sucker willing to buy it at school if thats what it comes to.
hey razor, sorry to be bugging you lie this but i am intrested in your hose set. the nos thing i bought uses a 1/16 inch thread (it measures somethign like 1/8-3/16 in diameter i don't remember off the top of my head. its the same one steve monroe used if your $40 hose will fit i'll buy it, if not i'll try to take back the nozzel and buy your nozzel.
The end of my hoses where it goes on the nozzle is 1/8 pipe thread. I can get the hoses made to have an AN4 on them. Just that the nozzles I use have a 1/8 pipe thread on them. At 10 bucks for a nozzle, elbow, and sealing washers, it makes things easier. You would need to find an adapter for the NOS nozzle.

My opinion is they are for gas not liquids. So they do not atomize. yes they work, but the issues with them draining as air rushes past it, and the fact they dont "mist".. is why I chose not to use them.

Keep the nozzle for when you had nitrous to your Buick :D