New Spoolfool Carbon Fiber bumpers.

wish i could get them chromed for my limited
I toyed with the idea of using Alsa Chrome .
My bad, I forgot you have to bake powder coat. Wasn't thinking very clearly yesterday. My blood pressure meds had me all messed up.
Are there any strength issues with these bumpers relative to the factory steel ones? In other words, if I get into an accident with the full carbon (not just shell) bumpers on my car, will they provide the same amount of protection as the stockers?
First off, My attorney has advised me that these are for "Off road use only". With that being said. My bumpers are for people who want to take 100 lbs off the car, have it look nice and have a well fitting part that is made in the USA. No. it will NOT offer as much crash protection as the 65 lb steel bumpers. Mike Walsh from IL contacted me a few days ago. He had just purchased and installed my bumper fillers and full CF bumpers. A week after install, he was rear ended at about ten mph. The Spoolfool bumper and bumper filler absorbed the impact and no metal damage was done to the car. Had this been a fiberglass bumper and stock rubbery bumper filler to absorb the impact, I suspect the outcome may have been different.

On a side note. I offered to replace them for free, if it was going to come out of his pocket.

Mike Barnard
Spoolfool Productions


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Thanks Mike!

Appreciate the follow up. Also, I have one of your rear bumper fillers, great product, easy install. Thank you for supporting the buick community!
Sorry it took so long to get done, but here's the how to video for your next project. It's not that hard. You can call me if you have any questions. Feel free to leave comments or feedback in the video. I'm also working with a well known East Coast body shop, who's planning on bonding up a bunch of these to sell complete. I'm sure he can offer them painted too.