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Aug 7, 2003
I'd hate to give DSOF a run for it's money (great story by the way), but I get really bored here at college and decided to write a story about racing as well. It is called The Awakening, and starts off pretty sadly, but it will pick up, trust me. Let me know if you want it. Robes
The Awakening
Honk, Honk, Honk.
The two car’s engines revved furiously as they flew down the freeway. Tyler’s 87 Grand National started to slightly fall back from the 69 Camaro driven by his crew’s arch rival crew’s leader, Gavin. Tyler gave a quick glance to his gauges, everything normal so far. Rolling from 60 was different for Tyler, and knew the Camaro would have the advantage, but Tyler wasn’t done yet, as he reached down to his switch panel and flipped the switch labeled “Alky”.. As the alcohol mixed into the system, the Camaro’s lead diminished from feet to inches, to an even race. He looked down at the speedometer as is registered 125 and rising steadily. Amber, Tyler’s girlfriend of three years was along for the ride, and it wasn’t the first time. She loved the racing almost as much as he did. Tyler looked over for a second to check his position to the Camaro. Gavin realized he was starting to fall back and tried to mashed the pedal almost through the floorboard but it was in vain as the black beast started inch a lead on him. As Tyler moved his gaze back onto the road, a minivan switched into his lane. He slammed on the brakes and turned the wheel to the right. He knew it was a battle he couldn’t win as the car started to lean to the left and Tyler knew he was going to roll. As the GN started its roll, Tyler clenched the steering wheel with one hand and put another hand on his girlfriend to help soften the blow, and realized unless a miracle happened, his and her short 18-year life could very well be over. He also thought of how pissed off his mom would be at him for doing something so idiotic in the first place.
The GN rolled almost endlessly thrashing Tyler and Amber about the car as it finally came to a stop. The Camaro slowed down, but didn’t stop and got off on the next exit. The skyline filming it pulled behind the mangled mess that was the former champion of the road in 87. James and Kyle got out of the skyline and called 9-1-1 to relay the information of the accident.
“Dammit, its not 7:30 yet, why is my alarm clock going off all ready, plus its not a school day” thought Tyler as he tried to roll over but he couldn’t.
“That was some kind of bad dream I had last night, hope that never happens” he wondered aloud.
As his eyes opened for what seemed like months, he saw his mom standing over him, smiling.
“Tyler, Tyler!” she exclaimed ecstatically
“What Mom? It’s Sunday, I don’t have to wake up this early and what is all that beeping?”
His Mom’s expression changed to that of sadness.
“Tyler, those machines are monitoring your body levels. You have been in a coma for ten weeks now. When the EMT’s arrived at the scene, you were dead, but they were able to revive you before they got back to the hospital and did fourteen hours of surgery before placing you in the ECU.”
“You mean, I really did wreck my car?” he said with a tear running down his scarred face.
“Yes, feel lucky you are alive, Tyler.”
“Did I have anyone with me?” he asked, because he truly couldn’t remember.
A tear came to his mother’s eyes as she nodded. “You had Amber with you” she was barely able to get out before her tears completely overtook her speech.
“Is she okay? Please tell me she is fine mom, PLEASE” he eagerly asked in a raised tone.
“Tyler, she died two days after the accident” She was able to sob through her lips, now wet with tears.
Tyler started crying as him mother hugged him and told him it was okay. He knew it wasn’t okay, because he had killed the girl he had loved for three years and would never forget her and would never forgive himself for what he had done. All of a sudden he didn’t want to live anymore. He didn’t feel he deserved to be alive while his sweet, innocent girlfriend was lying in the ground. Nothing could ever fill the void that was his Amber, ever.

This is part I of several, let me know how you like/hate it. Sorry I made the GN crash though...
Maybe continue it over in the kill forum, im sure people will read it but may fear the rath of raven if they admitted to liking the story... JK :)...and by no means should what anyone says keep you from being creative and writing stories if thats what you are in to. I personally am not much of a reader/writer in fact i am probably not that creative/artistic at all, so my opinion is probably not much use, looks to be a good start to a story, a come back story of some sort i assume :p
Hmm, how does hitting the "Alky" switch make him go faster? Wouldn't he have to turn up the boost too? :p Also what system is the alcohol mixing in? The fuel system?

Yeah, the fuel system... what it did was come out of 2 separate tanks with two separate lines that Y together and have a switch controlling just gas or alky being mixed in. Sorry, I wrote the story around 3am the day before i posted it, kind of a night owl.