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i know alot about gm's just not the gn itself. im looking at an 85. can i add a small intercooler to the system? just somthing to help a little maybe like a fmic from a 240sx or something. nothing huge, and what type of alky system to use.

also he says at full boost the wastegate sticks open. any thoughts on new ones?
the oil line also leaks a little at full boost. can i just pull it off and add some braided hose?
I suggest searching the "hot air" forums because virtually every 85 owner has asked this question. As you know (or may not know), one of the reasons the 86/87's were more desireable is because of the intercooler and associated turbo pluming vs. the 85 setup. The 86/87 in much easier to upgrade.

There have been a number of intercooler kits and self-made solutions for intercooling the 85's. Spearco made one of the first IC's for these if I recall.