New TR6 and won't start


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Aug 17, 2004
Based on what I've read,I suspected this would happen. Now I get to fill my engine and exhaust with fuel. The car ran strong and perfectly before the install. It's a unit from the first batch Bob made so I tried to update before starting and was unsuccessful.It farts in the exhaust so I moved the cam sensor and was able to get a full blown backfire in the exhaust or no fire at all. In Bob's update instructions he says you can turn mode switch 2 on while the ignition switch is in the run position and it will blink the version of software,but all that happens is the Trig/Error LED blinks once. This is the message I get when I try to update.

Waiting for HC(S) 08 reset ACK (timeout:0s)...
Error receiving reset ACK-TIMEOUT.
sent you a PM, most likely we need to get the USB drivers set up in your computer.

I had the same issue you need to make sure your cam sensor is dead on .
I had the same problem as dank GN and reset the cam sensor. All good after reset.
Any progress?
Yes,sorry I didn't post. Windows 10 security has to be manipulated to allow downloading of unsigned drivers. After doing so,I was still unable to update. I used my wife's laptop because it still has windows 7 and windows 7 will allow you to download unsigned drivers. The whole process proceeded without incident and took 5 minutes tops.

As for getting the engine to start,I gave up and put the factory ignition back on. I need to either go to Bob as we live an hour away from each other or send my set-up to him. I'm not very motivated to do either because my engine runs so freakin good. I'll post his findings when I get motivated to do something about this.
There have not been any changes lately. The latest update (1.5) was for guys that wanted to use the FAST 2-step gizmo to control the TR6, so I disabled the low voltage code after the engine is running.