New Turbo TA owner has questions????


kwik gn 1

I just bought a turbo TA and have a few questions:
1. Do all ta's come with the TURBO TRANS AM emblem on the side of the car?
2. Can I use my chip from my 87 GN in my TA?
3. Does anyone know where I can get a mint pair of front leather seats for my TA? Will 95 trans am seats fit?
4. Who makes some nice floor mats for the TA?
5. I also need a mint condition steering wheel, anyone know where I could get one?
6. Any good deals on 245/50-16 tires out there?
7. Need mint glass t-tops. Where can I find them?

Thank you for any help you can give me. DON
1. Only the first 350, and anyone who added the emblem later on when they were shipped to dealers to be added.
2. yes
3. Any 3rd/4th gen F-body seats will fit, the new style tan is different and the headrest is different too...
4. Classic industries
5. good luck, but they did come on GTA's too
7. ebay maybe?
SLP at has new take-off Goodyear GSCs in that size for 399 a set, a pretty good deal for quality tires, but they don't give the traction that Firehawks do(however, they probably last 3 times longer).
leather covers

I know a guy who tells me he knows a guy:D who has the whole set of leather, which is thicker and better than stock, front and back seats for $700. Let me know if you are interested and I'll find out more for you.