new wheels and tires-what do you think?

My error for thinking that they were Ronal. Ronal makes a lot rims than are original equipment on European vehicles, and they are making rims for aftermarket use. Oops
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Sorry fellas, I didn't mean to come off that way. I just didn't want to ruin anything, I would really like to see my car in print, even if it is just an advertisement.
However, yes they are Rondell. I got them from the WheelExchange-and like I said, they are, as far as I know, the only place importing them, and they order alot at a time-so they can offer them at a low price.
I discovered this wheel looking for BBS on Ebay.
I paid $850 for them and I feel like it's about the best money I've ever spent, especially since the only other wheels I would have gone with are HREs or BBS or Fisk, or maybe the roh simmons, so you see why I made the decision that I made.
The tires really killed me though--I really hate paying that much for something that wears out.
And no they aren't that package. I got the staggered deeper dish in the rear. And bought the BFGs separate because I didn't know what was gonna fit.
Backspacing is right at 5" with the adaptor bolted on. I would have to unmount it to get an exact measurement. There is no more room without notching the frame.

I'm glad that you guys like it. I couldn't be more happy with the way it looks. I have been shopping around for tires and wheels and trying to put this together for some time now. I had the wheels for like 2 months before I could afford to put the rubber on them. And it's hard to believe, but the pictures really don't do it justice.
sorry so long

Oh, and they are not Ronals. Ronals come on Audis from the factory. We have an A4, and the rims are made of a very soft alloy. They are so scared up from her driving that we'll have to buy some wheels for the Audi real soon as well.
My guess is that car will be in print with those wheels/rims
That looks awesome.For $850 that seems like agood deal,please email me inof if you can about backspacing,is the Bolt pattern the same as GM or do they enlarge the stud holes..
I am Very interested in these,That spacer seems a bit thick,do you have any pics of the spacer?
thanks for the info.
They look real good, I wish I would of went with a 10 inch wide wheel in the rear instead of a 9.5 inch. There is room for a 10 inch wheel with 4.75 inch backspacing on a 17 inch rim. The hub is the same on the 12 inch discs.
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