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hi im new here. ive got a 1986 buick regal, t-tops, 5L V8, digi dash, digital touch climate control, bucket seats with center console. rare rare car.

well im here looking o leanr new things about the grand nattys

im either planning an LT1 swap in my regal or a grand national swap. i have my eye on one but im trying to find out what year it is based on how the turbo set up is. i know certain years sit in different locations. so thats my mission now...

anyways thanks for the great site
Hot Air cars

have the turbo located closer to the firewall on Pass. side and Intercooled cars have the turbo located closer to the radiator. hope this helps
i guess ive got a hybrid of some sort. its intercooled, and the turbo sits almost smack dab in the midle fo the engine. i have a pic of a gnx where the turbo looks like its sits closer to the front like you said than this one. though this one is intercooled.

im contimplating picking up this parts car for a grand.

thanks for the input looks like i need to do more research