Newbie here from Mass.


Oct 14, 2012
87 t-type we4 002.JPG
Hello all,
Been on the hunt for a GN or T-type and finally purchased my first turbo regal.
Apon my search i have enjoyed some interesting posts on this site so decided to join.
Great site with lots of info. Winter is setting in here so car will be in storage till spring.
Here's a quick pic.
Welcome. In the spring there is going to be a get together at NED for test and tune and BBQ. Come on up!
It is Alex''s old car, spoke with her as well about it. She was very helpfull.
It was a member on here from mass's car. Bison bought it from the mass guy. Bison sold it to Alex / boosting girl. Alex /boosting girl sold it to Ed / earcher.

It's a super super solid car. Spoiler and a bunch of other items came from me and I did a bunch of work on that car.

She sold it because she was getting married . Lol that didn't quite work out.

She had about $18,000 in it and sold it for about $9000 stupid stupid move
Looks good. Congrats and welcome to the site.:)

Mike Barnard
that car is a all around real nice car about the only thing that really bothered me about it was the split on the top of the dash pad i'm not sure if ed changed it out or not. real nice clean southern car with no rot at all !!!!! good score