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Sep 29, 2014
Hey all - Newbie from Illinois here and picked a '87 Grand National this week. Super excited as it has been my dream car since high school. Car has 47k miles on it and is in very, very clean condition. The previous owner appeared to have taken great care of it and gave me the following listing of mods:

-MAF Translator
-K&N Cold Air Intake
-Accufab Adjustable Fuel Regulator
-Duttweiler Intercooler Neck
-160 degree thermostat
-Fuel Injectors 38lb D3165AA 621037 (not quite sure what these are)
-3" down pipe
-Hooker Exhaust
-Cat removed
-DeatschWerks 9-301 Fuel Pump
-Racetronix Hotwire kit
-MSD 8.5mm wires
-Heated O2 sensor
-Aftermarker Oil, Boost, Knock, and water temp gauges.
-Power Master brakes converted to vacuum

Been reading and learning alot (and know I have many years to go .. just want to learn more and more before even touching it). Ordered my scanmaster so that I can see how this baby is running before I take it for a few spins. Will be putting it away for the winter while I continue to read up on it before spring.

Looking forward to learning alot from this site and from all you folks! .. Excited to be here !!!! Thanks.
Chicago - Palatine Area ... Thanks for the welcome! .. here's a couple photos.


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Welcome to the club! Don't put it away yet. This is the best turbo weather right now!

There are quite a few turbo Buick's in Chicago. I'm down in the south subs.

Good luck with new ride!

Thanks for the welcome all! I've been looking at your cars in your signatures - totally impressed - great job! Love these cars! I grew up in Des Plaines in the 80's and remember a guy on Oakton street in nearby Park Ridge who had like 7 Grand National's parked in front of his place. We would stop by and oogle over them as we rode our bikes to Golf Mill (a lifetime ago!)

I don't want to get too crazy with mine, but I would like to be able to try and hit low 13's or even high 12's at the some point. Not sure what it may run with current combo. Any ideas on what this current setup is capable of?

Like I said, I have tons of reading and catching up to do. The car came with an ultrachip of Poston and 38lb fuel ejectors. After my spring cleaning and scan master tune, any value in moving to a Turbo Tweak chip with upgraded fuel ejectors? Baby steps and taking it easy. I've read alot of folks are very happy with the Turbo Tweak chip, whereas some are not too happy with the Ultrachip. Thanks folks!!
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Congrats! I used to live in Schaumburg. I played Arena Football for the Chicago Rush. We practiced in Palatine & played out games in Allstate Arena. I didn't have my GN then. Glad u picked up yourself one. Congrats?!
Welcome to the site and the Turbo Buick family. Lots of good gatherings and great people in your area. Post up a "Hi" in the Mid West section. When the snow melts, there will be some great get togethers. Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help, learn, and have some good times.:)

Happy spooling.

Mike Barnard