Newer model IAC?

Scott Atk

Senior Member
May 25, 2001
Couple questions... I can't find it now, but I recently came across a vendor selling an adapter to fit a later model Idle Air Control onto our Buicks. Anybody know who it is selling them?
And, is anyone using said newer style IAC, and what are your impressions? Faster response, etc? Thanks, Scott
Dale Cherry was making them and said there was not enough demand for them, so he stopped making them
I have one going on my motor shortly while doing a Holley ECU conversion .
Take this with a grain of salt, but lets assume the sensor can read faster than the stock one. Just because it can, doesn't mean that our 40 year old ECU can take advantage of that. Maybe if you also replaced the computer with something from the last 15 yeas maybe you might notice a difference.
You can take this to the bank, it's the only IACV that Phillips-Maggotvox made that passed all of the GM tests.
It was a robust well designed unit. The subsequent GEN II and GEN III units incorporating more plastic, not so much.
I'm sure an aftermarket computer in the car could take advantage of the newest units especially on a Stage motor that uses different intakes and plenums etc. no reason to use the original, but I'm sure many do/did that work fine.