Newest project AR-15...


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May 16, 2008
My AR-15 in the 6.5 Grendel caliber... quad rail hand guard, 24" bull barrel made by E.R. Shaw, muzzle break, 6-24x56 Millet scope, two bipods for different heights, extended latch charging handle, standard stock and gas system.

I have few shotguns that I love too.
Very nice! Why did you choose between the grendel over the creedmore? I like both rounds, would have a hard choice choosing between them....
Shoot me a PM and I send you my phone number...


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1:16 twist sounds right. I'll check when I get home on the bullet weight.
1:16"? That's awful slow for a 6.5 bullet. My 6.5 Mauser has a 1:7.5" and does fantastic with 120 or 139 grain bullets. A 1:16 twist shouldn't give the bullet enough stabilazation.
Nice looking rifle!

I got these in this week. Finally spent some money on something other than the GN. I'm thinking of building one for light weight. I haven't decided on the other yet.