Next mod advice for a newbie


Nov 10, 2007
I am unsure if this is the right forum for this question, but figured I would give it a shot here.I have my current mods on my 46k mile GN in my sig.

I have a set of 55lb injectors waiting to go in and plan on a new TT chip this spring. This is a weekend car for me and not a daily driver. I plan to maybe hit the track a few times. I would like to have an 11.5 sec car on 91 oct. Where should I be spending my money next? I was either going to do a roller cam, ported head, or a new turbo/converter combo. Looking at spending around $1500-$2k now.
I already have a scanmaster and a dual nozzle smc alky kit. Would it be worthwhile to upgrade to a newer alky kit?
55# injectors require ECM modifications, I'd bite the bullet and buy one of TurboTweak's chip/injector combos and not use the 55's. Eric has 60 and 80# injectors that will work with the stock ECM.

You've got a lot of other good parts, get a larger ball bearing turbo and matching converter. How's the transmission? If it isn't up to par, your newly found horsepower will send it to an early grave !!!
What's your best pass to date so far? What's the current tune? Any dyno numbers? I see you have a A/F in your sig. Is it a wideband O2? A wideband is a must have IMO.
the only things missing in your sig for your goal is
a tt chip and
a set of MT drag radiials
26-2800 converter
if you havent lost the cat plumb in a jersey dump or a test pipe with dump
the injectors can get there but id feel better with 50s or 65 motorons , the 55s need an ecm driver mod
and turn the boost up smartly watching the tune , a powerlogger would be nice to log so you can get a better view of how everything is working
Thanks for the replys guys. The cats gone. The injectors I have are Siemens 3172 55lb injectors. From my research these are high ohm injectors and should work as is. Am I wrong and these will require an ecm modification?

I would like to get a modern turbo if I buy one. What turbo/convertor combo should I be looking for?
The injectors I have are not the same color as the ones in your link, they are all black. I must have an older version. I found some info on them in a google search, but am on my way to work now.
Sounds like it will be a turbo/convertor then. I will ask for help on which one to choose in the appropriate forum. Thanks.