NICE hotair Chassis Service Manuals. Almost mint condition


runs with scissors
These things are nice. It looks like they've never seen a shelf or sunlight. I've never seen a shop book with bright white pages that's 33 years old before.

Volume 1 looks like it was opened to (oddly enough) the page that shows how to replace the oil pickup screen. There's a small book mark on that page.

Volume 2 looks like it's never been read at all.

Both books have immaculate outer cases with no shelf wear, no scratches, no bent corners. The inside pages are bright white with sharp corners and perfect print.

These could truly be used as display pieces... and, oh yeah, there's TONS of technical info in here for everything mechanical on a hotair Buick. $250 plus shipping. Media Mail is a lot cheaper than Priority as these things are HEAVY. They are over 20 pounds for the set.

I'm south of Atlanta so anything on the east coast will be as fast or maybe a day slower than Priority.

*I'll take some better pics tomorrow under natural light. The flash doesn't do these books justice.

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