nitrous on turbo stage motor, help


Aug 21, 2001
My combo is maxed out with turbo and intercooler. I have a 4 bolt 76GTS, with a pte front mount intercooler. The motor is a v6 chevy bowtie 23* heads, 160lb inj and C16 fuel (pretty much like a stageII buick) in a syclone, the whole set up is custom, so upgrading turbos or intercooler would be a big chore.
I would like to add 150 to 200 hp with nitrous, I have zero nitrous experience. Has anyone with a high hp stage motor ran nitrous with sucsess? Will I have to have the intake runners set up with nozzles, or can I just spray it into the inlet pipe before the throttle body. Will I have to spray fuel also, or can I spray nitrous dry? I would like to keep the set up as simple as possible. Any info would help.

Mike B
You may want to email/PM board member "TurboTR" as I know he has sprayed his Stage motor successfully and he has a good bit of knowledge/experience with using the nitrous along with the FAST system... He has posted about this on here so a search under his user name might yeild some answers to whatever questions you might have..


I recommend port injection with a fogger type nozzle for best atomization and distribution. A 200 HP shot or slightly higher for a short burst (.4 to .75 seconds) is all that is needed to get the turbo spooled. You could keep it on for the whole run only if your wastegate system is setup to handle the massive amount of extra exhaust energy. You will overboost if it is not. Trust me on that one ;) . I use a special compact pressure switch to shut down the nitrous at 18 psi. The tire you are running is going to dictate how hard you have the nitrous hit. The more gradual you inject the nitrous, the more nitrous HP level you can get away with. I'm running 200 and I feel I could get away with a little more. Someone just posted a movie of Vegas 2005 that shows my car running a 9.43. It's about in the middle of the first movie. If you minimize the bass and max the treble, you can hear the nitrous hitting right off the line for about .5 seconds, then shut off, then the turbo takes over. One of the things I'm going to work on with the next engine is smoothing out the power on the launch. My car is also the one that folded a rod :rolleyes: in the 2nd movie posted by the same person. Oooops.