Boy Buick85

Apr 9, 2006
Has any one used it WITH A HOT AIR OR INTERCOOLED CAR ? Successful?

If so will it work with Alky and Where would the nozzle Go? Does any one have pics of there setup? :)

Any Ideas ?
I have my ha plumbed for nitrous I just haven't got around to finishing the setup. I want to do my 86/87 computer upgrade before i do this so that i can use a scan tool and keep a track of the timing retard so i cat get a chip burned. I would think it could be a good upgrade w/nitrous. I will take some pix of how I plumbed it so you can get an idea of what is involved. It is tapped right into the throttle body.
taped into the throttlebody? you dont want to be shoting nitrous right onto the turbo. the nozzle should be placed post turbo. Best place to install it would be in the turbo adapter.
So how close in relation to the alky nozzle ?? will this Decrease the affects of the alky?? Can any of you guys Recomend a wet kit setup to look for ?? :confused:
How much Nitrous can our motors take ?? Whats the most you have seen any one use ??

Are there any other guages i need to go with the Nitrous , I already have water, oil pr, Boost and a Scanmaster.

also hey 231 are you gonna be selling your ta54 any time soon ?? I cant remember if thats the right turbo i just remember you where planning on selling :D
boost231 why do you think it would be a bad idea to install post turbo? I think this would help turbo cool down and build better spool up! I'm actually going to go dry first with boost turned all the way down and work my way up. Just keeping track of knock and pressure level.
I think it's best to put the nozzle in the up pipe where it can drop the inlet air temp.
Boy Buick85 i will get back with you. im waiting for jack cotton to let me know on my new turbo and how long the wait is. I just got it back from precision right before i left to come over seas. when i have it up for sale it will probley have less then 100miles on it. it wont be cheap i can tell you that much but you wont be able to get one custom built or made for cheaper.
as far as the nitrous stright into the turbo i will get back to you i need to go eat.
I think it's best to put the nozzle in the up pipe where it can drop the inlet air temp.

That'd be great if a stock hotair had an up pipe:D

As far as spraying in front of the turbo if you're gonna go dry you'll be alright,but if you're gonna go wet you'll definitely want to spray after the turbo.

I'd just yank the turbo and tap the intake adapter and put it all there.
My "opinion"

I have played with nitrous...

If you are going to run a dry shot... yes you can utilize it so it blows thru the turbo.

I wouldn't run more than a 75 horse shot.

If you are creative... you could shoot it after the turbo in the adapter... or into the manifold itself after modifying it... a V1 or V2 intake would love such a modification.

Personally I believe you are pressing your luck with headgaskets if you go beyond that 75 horse shot because of many factors... one being available nitrous in the bottle and reduced pressure that could skew your air/fuel ratio.
If you have a bottle warmer and you are into tracking and monitoring such occurence with a wideband and dyno time you could probably go higher than my recomendation.

I run a small 50 horse shot on the intercooled configuration and it works exceptionally well. It really assists in spool up of the 60-1 turbo.