no backup lights? no hazards??


cookin with propane
May 27, 2001
hey guys.. some dumbass lackey put together my steering column and apparently he did it wrong...

first problem, the backup lights never come on.. anyone know where this switch is so maybe i can adjust it?

second.. the hazards, if you press the button, nothing happens, if you step on the brakes, all of the hazards light up. if i really wanted emergency flashers id have to sit there and pump the brake..

any ideas what they hooked up wrong?

thanks guys!
You're right in assessing this as 2 separate problems.
The hazzards could be as simple as the flasher unit itself not plugged into the harness and/or the fuse block. At worst, the previous owner didn't attach the wiring at the switch, but I'd be looking for a harness end with no home...or the flasher thing itself.
The back-up lights are adjusted by the neutral safety switch. This is located on the column about 6 inches from the firewall, and is white on my car. There are 2 screws that you can back off and slide the entire plugged in switch up or down the column to attain the correct position.
Good luck
Had the same two problems. The hazzard was the flasher. The reverse lights was the adjustment under the car by the transmission pan. My lights would come on when going into reverse but not when in reverse( Thanks Steve:). If you have no lights at all it might be something different.
Check the molex plug on the bottom left hand corner of the fuse box, they probally pulled it out, that plug lead to the rear tail lights.