No header gasket


May 25, 2001
I remember Rich & a few others saying that Buick didn't use any gaskets between the heads & the headers. This is how I'm going to do mine, they are all ready to go on. What I would like to know is if I should use any sealant or bolt them up metal to metal?
Some recommended a very thin coat of Permatex Ultra-Copper.

Try checking the flanges for flatness. If someone previously used a gasket, they could be slightly unstraight. (This might be the reason for the Ultra Copper.)
Thnx Rich

I wan't sure which way to go here. I have them bolted up right now w/no sealer at all. I think I might pull 'em back off & add a little sealer while they're still easy to get to. I had also considered cutting the bar beteen each cyl. on the headers & using gaskets but cutting them down to six individual gaskets so that if one blows I could just change the gasket on that specific cyl. This is how I've usually done it in the past when headers were used. It works pretty good. However, I think I'll use the sans gasket aproach this time. This is the first place I've ever heard that & I wanna give it a try.
Last race season , I lost a header gasket in the last round of time trails, I had none , I ran to NAPA , They did have any. So when I returned to the track I had some Ultra Gray in the tool box. Applied a light coat and socked it down . It has been over 6 months and it has held up great.