No KR in wet weather???


Jun 7, 2005
ok, my car has hellacious KR under even 5 lbs boost (sometimes seven lbs here) and ive seen it hit 13 before at wot. keep in mind i NEVER pull any boost with this car these numbers were just from testing while trying different stuff to fix it, namely checking fuel pressure at wot and 15psi. my plugs have never look damaged from knock, and i run 60 psi fuel pressure at wot, i know the exhaust hits the exh manifold so i figured that was the source of my knock. but today it was nice and wet out so i figured i'd pull a couple lbs up this hill and see how she did. perfect, no KR, i tried it a little more and never saw more than 1.9 KR. although i did see the rear of my car tryin to pass the front end( its wet and my tires are generic z rated) Any ideas on this one? :confused:
Simple :) find yourself a car for nice weather and keep this one as a winter/rainy day beater... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
lol, its my every day beater. the thing runs strong as hell, if it werent for the scanmaster i would have no idea it had any probs.
Two possibilites?
1. Some cars seem to run better with more moisture in the air. Cooler to begin with, but probably some evaporative cooling effect. Also, rain generally means lower atmospheric pressure, therefore less O2, so in effect a richer A/F ratio.
2. Wet road = less traction = less load. As load goes up, so does detonation.

Just my $.02
hmm, thoughts to ponder. only shouldnt cold air require more fuel to achieve the same air fuel ratio, bein that the air is a lot denser. it ran better today too and there was no rain, but my ats was readin less than 30* so it was some cold ass air goin in there. also when i put the car in park it will occasionaly stay a high idle, the iac gets stuck at a min value thats too high for idle and the o2 crosscounts nearly freeze. it takes about the same amount of time to go up 10 in this condition as it normally takes to complete a whole cycle. the on voltage also seems to stay in the decel mode(000) unless i rev it a little and the kicker is if i shut off the car and start it right back up it runs fine, no prob :confused: