No more clunking


pimp romeo
May 31, 2001
Hey ya'll, not to long ago I posted a message about a clunk and vibration that I could feel on my feet. Anyway, got the exhaust done last week and it's fixed now. No more rattle, vibration or odd sound. Hey, and I get more boost now(16 psi). But I think i'm loosing some boost through a cracked header. Oh well, cant win all the time.:rolleyes:
Good stuff Marc! Always nice to get things fixed up :) Where'd you get the exhaust done?

I got it done at motion performance. They did a good job, but they went joy riding in my car. The trip odo was 15 clicks higher than when I brought it there. I didn't really care cuz there pretty cool guys. Id go back.
Ahh, that's cool. Heh, I guess it was hard for them to resist taking a turbo buick for a ride :)

Glad you were happy with their service... I took my car to minute muff on portage (river city) to look at a leak in my y-pipe (i have dual dynomax super turbos), they were really cool about it, I was talking to the owner about my options ($300 for a new Y-pipe? damn) then I told em I didn't want a new one, and by the time we were done talking the hole was welded up by one of their mechs. and they handed me back the keys and told me to take the car :) I was thinking like "uhhh, aren't you forgetting something... payment!". They did it for free, good stuff, I'm happy.. weld should hold out for a month or so :)

Just thought I'd share.

Hey marc, I'm thinking about getting new 8.8mm plug wires. Did you notice any difference at all when you put your bigger/newer wires on?

No, I noticed no difference. I thought i wasted 100 bucks. Oh well, trial and error thats what I say.:cool:
Heh, naw, not wasted! You get to list it as a mod now :)