No O. D. ???


Stuck in the 80's
Nov 9, 2001
Hello, I am new to this forum, as such I thought I would start off with a nice little tranny problem for all to take a shot.

Stock 200-4R, worked fine, changed fluid and filter, then it shifts softer and will not stay in OD. Reset the TV cable to factory spec, shifts fine again, but still will not stay in OD.

I could get it into overdrive by manually shifting from 3-4 when at highway speed and it would stay for awhile, then just go back into 3rd. Sometimes it would go into OD automatically as it should, but rarely. Would almost always downshift to 3rd under any kind of acceleration.

Thouhgt maybe the filter was not seated all the way, (sucking air)so I changed fluid and filter again, no change. Thouhgt maybe it had to do with the TV cable, changed it, now cannot get OD at all.

It does get TCC lock-up, just no OD. I have driven it close to 1000 miles like this, around town of course and the tranny performs great, just no OD.

Looking for any and all suggestions on where to go from here.

Thanks in advance,
When you changed the filter, did you look up into the filter-neck bore in the pump to be sure that all of the seals were removed? The original sealing method on these was an o-ring, sometimes two, as opposed to the wide orange seal. Many times those o-rings would stick up in the bore and hinder operation.

Also, are you positive that the fluid level was on the money?
There was an O ring in the pan on the second change, I thought that was strange, but if it had been flushed out in the pan that should have corrected the problem, no luck. Fluid is full, checked many times.

I'm wondering if it may be electrical, maybe bumped a solenoid while I was in there or something.

No, electrical has nothing to do with 1,2,3,4, just lock up.
Put car on jackstands. disconnect tv and run on stands and see if it shifts to 4th. If not run a line pressure ck. If the filter is not right, it can cause the symptom you have for the lack of fluid will cause this. Line pressure ck will reveal if this is the problem . If not, maybe 3-4 shift valve got some crap in it. But for it to occur as you serviced , I would retrace every step carefully. Good Luck :)

WE4, thanks for the reply and suggestions, I will give it a try over the Thanksgiving weekend and see what happens.