No OD!!



Just got done throwing a 383 in my monte, to deal with the power I had a well known tranny man rebuild the 200-4R for me. I had to install TCI's retro fit kit to make the tranny operate without the computer. Everything shifts good and there doesnt seem to be any other probs, except for no OD!!!:mad:
I chose B&M's converter for the job, could this be my prob. or is it have something to do with TCI's kit. :confused: Hopefully I wont have to pull the tranny, hoping its something simple. Thanks for any insight.

Oh ya, Nice site!!!!:cool:
The 200-4R is not computer controlled. The TCI kit you referred to is to operate the Torque Converter Clutch (TCC) via engine vacuum and a fourth gear pressure switch.

Not having OD range is a mechanical problem with the transmission itself. Anything from TV adjustment to stuck shift valves or a bad governor could be the likely cause.

I highly suggest getting the car back to your transmission builder and let him test drive and diagnose the problem for you. If he is a well known builder, he should be able to pinpoint your problem.