No power to fuel pump harness


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Mar 27, 2020
Ok guys I need a little help with a wiring/power supply issue with my 87 buick gn. car has been sitting for about 10 years in a garage. I bought the car from the owner about 6 months ago and haven't started it yet due to work but anyways the car was parked due to the powermaster brake unit being bad. went through the car and changed the oil installed new ac delco plugs and wires, just basic things needed after sitting that long. went to start the car and it will turn over but not start. dropped the tank and swapped the fuel pump with new ac delco pump kit and cleaned out the fuel tank and installed new fuel. changed fuel filter. tried to start the car and still nothing. started checking power to the connector and found no power at the connector, not even the initial 2 seconds of power at start. changed the fuel pump relay and still nothing. im getting power on one pin on the fuel pump relay but that's it, checked the fuses under the dash and all fuses checked good. what do I need to check now after the basics? im a diesel mechanic by trade so im pretty good with wiring but this is a little new to me. (not a diesel or semi) just some tips and things to check would be greatly appreciated.
As I stated, i installed a new AC Delco fuel pump. I’m not getting any power to the fuel pump for it to kick on at the power supply on the harness to the pump.
This is not going to provide a solution to your problem, but I had a similar problem recently, from letting my car sit for 5 years. I recently found success, and mine is up and running. I had to send the fuel injectors out to a special shop to have them rebuilt. 3 of them were completely stuck closed and 3 completely stuck open. My car would not start with this condition.
Getting them rebuilt cost $125, including shipping. It was far better than purchasing new. Something to consider......
The shop was Havocspeed from West Palm Beach Fl.