No start


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May 25, 2001
The car has been running perfect until today when I went out to start it! It will turn over but just will not fire! I can hear the fuel pump kicked on and I can smell gas when I try to start it! also checked all the fuses and they are good! And yes it does have gas in it!! Lol!!! Where do I go from here? Thanks R. B.
check the cam sensor timing.

check for spark while cranking

check for codes

make sure your coolant temp sensor is right

does it fire and stall, or no fire?

swap on a known good ignition module.

Sounds like no spark.

I don't think maf calculations are used for cranking. Bob can you confirm?

Reason I mentioned it was I had a no start issue 300 miles from nowhere in west Texas, and it was the maf.