North NJ TR Cruise? Anybody?


Hey All:

Just wondering if there's anybody out there that hits some of the local cruises and car shows up here in northern NJ (Denville, Rockaway, Parsippany, Montville areas). Would be cool if there was a small group of us that got together up here, but I haven't been able to find anyone in the area.

Now that the warmer weather is on the way, I'd like to air my WE4 out, but it sucks cruising by yourself!


Testa is local, and so am I. I'd be up for some cruises, but I'm not sure where the hangouts are. I know there's lots of 'em, but I haven't paid much attention the past few years.

Yeah, same here. Used to hit one in Oakland a while back with my father when he had his Chevelle down here, but haven't attended any in a while.

I should be stopping by Jim's in a couple weeks to do my converter. I'll drop you a note and maybe we could meet up at the shop. I just moved from Denville about 6 months ago - I'm in the Caldwells now so still just down the road.

FYI - if we hang with Testa, we'll have to listen to him complain about his motor not being done :D

And hell, I can't cart him around in my car- the extra weight will throw off my tuning ;)