Two weeks away, and nobody has responded in 2 weeks... disappointing, but it's you guys who are going to miss out. We only have 2 organized / advertised events each year. Let's keep the camaraderie going. Share your stories, performance recipes, and future modifications with fellow TR owners, friends, family, and spectators. Come on guys!!!

I got Brooks's GN going yesterday . Whole fuel system . So there's another one that's coming.
I just talked to Randy Shannon to confirm the Buick invasion for next Saturday, he is going to post on his facebook page that we will be there. Weather looks great , no rain & cooler. I`ll be there about 5:30. Told Randy that about 50 of us were coming . . . . . . . . jk - actually about 25 - 30 , hopefully more.
That rain forecast though... is this a rain or shine event?
Although the forecast could be better, I'm not giving up just yet. This is held in conjunction with a normal Saturday night Cruise In, and most Hotrod, and Classic car owners aren't bringing out their cars if there is a heavy rain chance. This includes me, as my car is show ready, as we speak. BUT.. what I've seen the last couple days, is the rain is fueled by the heat of the day, and the chances diminish as the day progresses. So it very well may rain Saturday afternoon ( Chita just said so ), and then clear up enough so we can still meet, that evening. I've seen the chances of rain change from 20% to 60%, to 50%. Hang in there 1 more day, and lets see what happens. I will update Friday morning, and Saturday morning. Fingers crossed...
Man for once I hope it doesn't rain. For weeks it felt like we had 60-80% chances of rain and it never did on my side of town. Saturday better hold to that.
Sounds like Newbee, Troy, and David Newton need to Come On Down!!! We have 2 annual events in Houston each year. This one at the beginning of the Fall season ( late Sept. / early Oct. ), and another each Spring ( early April ). Myself, and Robert ( 86TexasT ) put these together. David Newton, our friendly Texas Section Moderator, usually makes these posts a " sticky ", so they are easily seen. David made the trip 2 years ago, so you guys can, too. If trailering is necessary, there is plenty of load/unload room at each event, and there are hotels within a mile of each event. If you guys put together an event in the DFW area... I'm there to support it!
Forecast has not changed. It's still 60% Scattered Thundershowers. I just watched the weather on this morning's news, and also just checked and both say the same...60%. I would rather reschedule, than have a poor turnout. What do you guys want to do?? Robert ?? I will still update Saturday morning, regardless. Guys, please check this thread Saturday afternoon.
Yeah shows good rain around 4pm and then 30% by 5 and 20% by 6. So it may rain just before the event so it will definitely be wet but the event itself may be fine. Guess we will see tomorrow around 4.