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It's our Fall get together at Niftee 50's Cruise Night in The Woodlands. It's on the North side of town, and just a mile or so off of I-45 @ Rayford / Sawdust Exit. It should be a little cooler, and usually attracts 150+ cars. We will have reserved parking, and there are a few places to eat if you desire. Fuddruckers, Dairy Queen, Beck's Prime, Brother's Pizza, Randall's grocery, etc are all in the same strip center. I have already spoken to Robert, and he is inviting the Buick V8 guys, as well. I'm hoping for a good turnout, since the weather was crappy for the Annual event at Otto's BBQ, this past April.

Now before I go calling all you guys, post up your RSVP here, and put this date on your calendar!! I'm really expecting you guys from the SW part of town to make the trip. I'm expecting the Southside guys to make the trip, also. Eastside.. don't disappoint, come on! Cypress.. come on. Montgomery.. come on down! You all know the response we get when we line these cars up. SECURITY IS ON SITE!! It does cost $10 to get in, and I will work on that when I see Randy, the promoter. I can't guarantee it will be free for us, but I'm at least going to ask. This draws an adult crowd, there are no punks, and usually only for classics pre 1979. Our cars get a pass! There will be some nice cars here!

Grogan’s Mill Village Center in the Woodlands at the Randall’s shopping center located at 2250 Buckthorne Place, Woodlands TX.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly 832-518-7324 James-
The $10.00 admission fee pays for security & Randy has to lease these spaces to have a weekly advent plus have Insurance. Also, GNs & TR are welcome to come out anytime, Randy loves the Regals , ( he even owns a non turbo one ) we do need a count so I can tell Randy how many spaces to reserve for us. Hope to see y`all there.
Thanks guys! We are up to (9) committed to being there. I will be contacting the rest of the TR owners on my list, after the Holiday weekend.
Anybody notice all your pictures are from the front drivers side? Is there a conspiracy that I was not in on?
I guess you could look at it like this... we're all looking at your tail lights... so who's the real winner? :D
Nobody looks at hot air taillights lol

On a real note. My car still isnt registered but I will go. If anyone wants to meet up in the tomball/hockley area and roll out but not use toll roads, I will gladly join the group.
Sounds good!
Please introduce yourself.
Save me a spot
Ummm.. you'll probably be the first one there, Lol. I'll be there at 5:30pm
The guy that has #296 is Jason, and Brooks still has a ton of work to do for that GN to run. I let them both know yesterday.
I won't forget again. Thanks for spreading the word.

I'll start calling / texting / emailing the guys on my list, starting tomorrow. Goal was 20 cars when I was discussing this with Randy
( Promoter ). We can do it!!
Im iterested in heading up from Santa Fe assuming all is good with the car and dont have to work.
Would be great to have you there. Straight up I-45 exit Rayford-Sawdust, take a left, approx. 1 mile on the left. Looking forward to meeting you, and your car! Looking like we may have (4) new guys in the group. PM me if you don't mind, so I could get your contact info, and add you to my list of local area TR owners. James-
Two weeks away, and nobody has responded in 2 weeks... disappointing, but it's you guys who are going to miss out. We only have 2 organized / advertised events each year. Let's keep the camaraderie going. Share your stories, performance recipes, and future modifications with fellow TR owners, friends, family, and spectators. Come on guys!!!
Those in the NW (tomball,cypress,magnolia,hockley) that want to meet up and roll out avoiding tollroads, let's figure out where we're gonna meet at.