Mar 4, 2002
We just got back from Norwalk, Ohio. It was our first Buick Race we was ever to. Alot of first cars. One was 7.82, I think or real close to that! If you need any parts or help, all of the guys down there will go out of their way to help you!!

I ran 11.7 and 11.8. - at 114

87 Buick Grand National
ta 49 Turbo
thdp stainless
Precision Front Mount
Red Stripe Club Torch Convertor
bgc 2 7/8 exhaust with 3" flowmasters
tomka cold air kit
armstrong xp pump and chip
transmission by Vince Janis
airbag right side

We will be back there next year. See You There!
Didn't really meet anybody there. I think we should have name tags with our TB.COM handles on it.

Redlighted 1st round quick 16. :mad:
I hear ya, there could of been 25 ppl from the board standing next to me and I wouldent of known :)
Kevin,It was nice meeting you.I went a 1.42 short time first pass with 22.5 psi and the car went 10.80 @120..first round eliminations ran a GS with 11.10 on the window .I dialed a 10.95 thinkin that my 60 would go to its normal 1.50 .then in the heat took it to 10.98.I cut a .500 lite WOW and the oponant had a .516 I broke out with a 10.94 @22.5 psi.
as i raturned to the pit i always check my water and oil and the turbo feed line had a bad crack and was spilling oil bad.went to Jack and got a braided one. all fixed.Im pullin the heads this week
before BG .had a great time glad to see your 11s TOLD YA!
Bob Slusser