NOS and propane?


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May 26, 2001
Was reading a mag the other day and saw where some company makes a laughing gas /propane system. The propane supposedly has high anti-knock properties and the mixture allows you to run lower octane and higher boost pressures. Was wondering if anybody else has heard of or is using such a system.

There was a post on here before the board crash about this. I think it was a article on a viper with a propane kit on it. I think the viper was running a supercharger of some sort. If I remember right the propane acts the same as a alky kit. Anyone else remember that article?
Now that you mention it.

It was a Viper, and it was a good article. Read it at my barber's shop as he whacked away at lowering my ears. Just thought I'd post it to see if anyone was running that particular combo. Will probably try and get the SMC alky kit and let the Pro's mess with NOS and Propane. The guy who owned the car before me ran NOS and blew the head gaskets. Stock with 009's, JL nitrousRacechip,ET streets and believe he ran mid 12's here in Albuquerque(5300)don't know what boost levels he was runnig when she let loose. Anyhow she's put back together and I'm trying to tweak her so that I can run in the low 13's without having to buy a larger turbo or a 3' downpipe. The Alky system will hopefully do it for me when I can afford one. Probably the best performance upgrade for the money. Plus I'll save money on gas and still go fast!
I started a thread on that on the last board. I did a lot of research. OK I just checked all the hits on Yahoo. I came up with BullyDog and THe Viper one. Not sure of the name. I talked to a few people that convert to propane instead of gasoline. They did not know the proper jet sizes to use for good mixture. The people that made the Viper kit would not tell me what jet sizes they used. Understandable since they did the leg work. A guy came forward that did the Chemical ratios and gave a percentage, but I forgot the #s. I gave up the idea, but if there was a kit (Jay Carter??) I would buy it. Kinda like the alcohol kit. ERIC.:D