NOS or OEM or NEW Parts for sale

Iwill take the power steering res pm me with details do you take paypal
I see you still say the boost line kit is available. In my first post I stated I will take that along with the rear seat brace kit and pinion snubber. Take your time with the shipping quote, I'm in no hurry and I understand you are overwhelmed right now. When you get a chance... what color is the high temp paint, I will probably take that also. NO HURRY.
MAF sensor

Is the MAF sensor a rebuilt GM one? For an 86-87? If so I'll take it. PM me a price shipped to 50322 and payment preferrences. thanks:biggrin: also is the adj. wastegate actuator still availible and if so how much?
i will take two intercooled emmblems,turbo 3.8 emblem,driveshaft loop and five lug nuts let me know how much for shipping to florida 33321 i can pay pal
sorry misread message take items you listed mail me shipping to 60634 when you get a chance thanks