NOS part numbers for chrome marker lights?? Anybody have them?


Baer Brake Systems
Jun 8, 2001

I can never find the list of GM part numbers on here when I look for them.. (should print it out next time I find it).

I am looking for the GM part numbers for the market lights in chrome. I know one of them (think the right side is discontinued).

Anybody have these numbers?

When I entered 5974210 in gmpartsdirect they put a "2" in front of it and call it a "panel"...only $27 plus shipping. Is this correct? The 5974209 does not come up.

You would enter "05974210"
Both parts have been discontinued for quite a while.
Rick, you need to get on ebay and buy a late 80's mitchell crash book. Or pm me, I have 2. Pretty cheap to buy, got an 84 and an 89 gm car book.