not much of a race



I wouldn't really cosider this a race, as I am not stupid enough to run against a bike, but here's the story.

I was going down Rt.45 in Frankfort, and I catch a light with 4 crotch rockets, a mustang notch, and four more mustangs behind the stang. We take off on the green, and I'm just going normal, checking out the bikes, then I start pacing next to the stang. I recognized it from my school parking lot, so I wanted to see who the driver was. Didn't recognize him, and they were going pretty slow, like 40 in a 55, so I took it up to 55. I look up in my mirror, and one of the bikes is about 8-10 car lengths back, and all i see is his headlight pop up in the air. I figure he is just messing around, so I don't think anything of it. Next thing I know, he passes me, with his wheel still in the air, and carries it for about 10 more car lengths in front of me. I figure he is doing about 80 when he passed me, because I was doing 55-60, and he FLEW by me. He slowed up to wait for the rest of his buddies to catch up, so I hit my horn and gave him a thumbs up. I think the guy is a moron for doing that on a busy road, around traffic, but I have to addmit it was pretty cool to see.
i had a 99 yamaha r6 for about a month. i got rid of it because i got a little too confident and almost flipped over backwards at about 110mph. wasnt cool at all.

What about those Yamaha R1s??? I hear a lot of inexperienced guys flip those things cause their so light and have a lot of power for a bike... I think they have like 200hp or a little more and weigh about 350lbs without the driver... I don't know that much about bikes, but I know their damn fast and very dangerous, especially if your inexperienced and a little to cocky... Also I hear that bikes are pretty cheap with financing and such and this is probably why so many guys get these bikes, thinking if u want to go fast bikes are the cheapest way... IMO, bikes are death traps and should be sold with funeral arrangements and caskets!!!
my buddy called around to insurance companies to get some quotes. If you have to make payments on it, full coverage is required. He got quoted $8000 for 6 months, and $12,000 for 1 year coverage from two different companies. A few others flat out said no. I think they are cool, but agree that people need more experiance than just hopping on it. I have experiance on dirt bikes, but would still be scared hopping on one of those, there is still so much to know.
ugh, bikes

I had a "run in" with an R1 one time. It wasn't pretty. I had a few carlengths and "the go", and he utterly annihilated me. I was at 100 mph or so, and he passed me at probably 120, VERY shortly after merging onto the highway. It was fun though, cool guy and I'm sure he was surprised how "hard" he had to work to get by the old Buick. I think they're a little bit slower than the Hayabusa, but most things are! I think they're cool, but NO WAY would I feel comfortable on one.

The busa is the fastest bike u can buy... I've heard they run 9.50s at 145mph from the factory completely bone stock:eek: They are heavier than the R1s, but have more power... I've heard that bikes are pretty hard to launch from a stop and that's probably why I don't see many at the track.

I remember seeing an artical in a magazine about the hayabusa, i think it was something like 202 mph top speed, can hit 85 in first gear at something like 15,000 rmp. (they said redlined) thats crazy.
yeah, my parents didnt support me getting the bike so they said i wasnt allowed on their insurance policy with it. a diiferent insurance company quoted me $580 per month. i ended up insuring it in my sisters name and that was still $260, she is 28 with a perfect driving record.:rolleyes: insurance sucks, but you do need it
In florida if the bike is paid for, you don't have to carry insurance, so stay clear of bikes, you don't know if they are insured.