Nut size for the 3 studs on a turbo

6 beats 8

Oct 16, 2002
Anyone know the size and thread of the 3 nuts that go on the turbo mounting studs?
I replaced 2 and took the nuts to a hardware store. When i
found the match the nuts were a little larger in size with same thread. They did fit Ace Hardware. Sorry can't help more.
The nuts are torque prevailing, which means they're squished so that the threads are egg shaped and lock onto the studs. That way, the turbo doesn't come loose after repeated heating and cooling, with resultant exhaust leaks and loss of power.

Get the proper nuts from John Craig for a couple of bucks and be done with it. Might as well have John send you new studs too while you're at it. That way it'll go together and come apart the next time you need it to...