OFFICIAL: wheel/tire picture thread... show em off!

To Smokey an the Banitish. Those are Year One Honeycombs for New Fire Chickens...

But to each there own.. I'm in love with these now from Avnte Gaurd ,the F140 series,the F240 arn't to shabby either..They'er custom made how ever you like them...

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I think the center is a little funky looking. The M220's look really nice! Little old school mesh with BBS LM center type center. Nice looking wheel.
Those look expensive

Yes,but there true high performance racing wheel,(made for abuse), I'm quoted $3500 for 18x10 rears / 18x9.5 in front,custom off-set for disk brakes,Gloss Black centers an rivets,with Chrome lips. There no center caps,so i thought it'd be neat to CNC new centers with ones that said GNX. Belows the F140s then the F240's plain jane.If the had center caps an no rivets, be spitting image of GNX wheels

87 turbo T

Stock suspension
4 GTA fronts
245 50 16s on the front
275 55 16s on the rear


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Do the 275/55/16 fit without the spacers ? I have seen some post on here and some say they do. Gta fronts and aluminum drums and these tires just fit!
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295/50/15 rears

235/60/15 fronts

Stock suspension.

I know the white lettering is oldskool but hey I like them. :)

That car looks almost exactly like mine!

For a second, I had to do a double check.

Not sure if they are Cragar Soft-8's, but I run the Unique Soft 8's (Same as Cragars but less expensve without the marketing overhead)
AND - the Stock GN center caps fit nicely.

Love the street fighter look!
CAR: Well, it's confusing. The moron who had it before me was very confused and converted a rare Black & Astral Silver WH1 into a guessed it..a faux Grand National. But the car is not confused - it knows it's actually a WH1 - and I'm in the process of putting its Astral Silver back on. It does take some courage to put that chrome back on though.

Wheel size:

FRONT: 15x8
REAR: 15x8

Back spacing:
FRONT: Pretty sure it is 4"
REAR: Pretty sure it is 4"

Tire size:

FRONT: 235/60/15
REAR: 235/60/15

Make/Model of tire: B.F. GOODRICH RADIAL T/A

Make/model of wheel: UNIQUE SOFT-8

Gosh I hope so. If not, this isn't going to end well.

Aftermarket Spindles:
Naw..regular ole G-body spindles

These wheels have been done before on this thread - but I sorta like the "Street Fighter" Vin Diesel (gag) look.
Very inexpensive shoes for just running around. When I bought the car, the T Vector wheels needed cleaning and refurbishing, and the tires needed shredder.
So, I was looking for something that wouldn't break the bank.
Buy the Unique brand, (at Discount Tire) which I do believe is owned by Cragar - because they are 20 bucks per wheel cheaper - at least.
Same wheel all the Jeep guys run.
The stock GN center caps fit easily and perfectly.
I run some aftermarket Peppy Boys lugnuts, that look pretty decent. Again - very reasonably priced if you are on budget
I also have a set of black lugnuts for if the mood strikes me, but I thought the chrome looked a tad better.


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Wheels: Kmc Hot Wheels Staggered
Suspension: Stock
Rim Size: 17x9 Back 4.5" backspace 17x8 front 4" backspace
Tires and size: Back Nitto Extreme Drag 275/40/17 Front 235/45/17 Ventus HRIIDSC_0721.JPGDSC_0724.JPGDSC_0726.JPG
heres some of mine finally,and whats going in it this year.....

front suspention in this pic is eibach springs,spc adj uppers, howe tall upper and lower balljoints,stock lowers with addco nylon light weight bushings qa1 dbl adj shocks dse front swaybar
rear is eibach springs spohn del-sphere upper and lower dbl adj cntrl arms qu1 adj shocks dse rear swaybar

i have spc lowers going on soon and im gonna roll the front and rear fenders and either go coilover on both and put a 265 40 in the front... had it on before but thry were sitting on the inner fender bolts ....

ls1 12" brakes front and rear

raceline forged 2piece wheels
fronts 18x8 i think this pic is with 235-35/18
rears 18x10 305-40/18


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That looks nice nonosV6. I like the stance. Gets some close up pics. What size wheels?

thank you, i fixed it and put the sizes in not thrilled about the stance personally, i want the rears to tuck alil more but i have a couple of issues im dealing with,this being a strickly drag car before i totally rebuilt the whole suspension...theres some things that are alil twisted or of center so to say lol... but ill get to it this year hopefully...