OFFICIAL: wheel/tire picture thread... show em off!

Installed these over the weekend.


New stance


Still need to roll the fenders, but sits niceley

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How do you like the aldans? They’re on my list. Car looks great
I am really having a hard time deciding on wheels. I want something different than the gnx replicas. I wish so many of the pic links in this thread werent broken
Weld magnum 2.0 rides better than a new caddy 3.5 front 8.5 rears on gn an tta … 275/60/15 mt drag radials. Kumho solo 26.7. Fronts .many people ask why I have diff wheels on front than back. I tell them I couldn’t afford the rear forged lol… that’s my same daughter diff ages . Can drive both of these cars anywhere
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I have Nitto NT555 G2's on the car. So far they have been decent but they are a summer tire not a drag radial so traction is still an issue.

Great choice of tires, I have read a lot of good things about it online.

This thread gives me an idea of which wheels and tires to consider next time.