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Oil blend......

O.K. guys,

Here's a real stupid question.....:rolleyes: ...uuuhhh... I would like to mix 2 qts of Redline synthetic 5W-30 with 2 qts of a good quality 5W-30 crude oil like Quakerstate. I've heard that a lot of the popular so called synthetic blends are actually blends of synthetics and crude. At their prices one might as well do what I am thinking of doing. I know Redline is expensive, but it is one of the best of the few known quality synthetics out there. What do you guys think?

(The two that I chose have similier characteristics).

Here are a couple of good links about the properties one should look for in a good quality engine oil:



How about it Rich, I 've heard you got a chemical background...what's your take on my question?
Yes Redline is the best synthetic, but at all most $8 a quart it's a bit pricey. Still it's worth it in the long run. I tried a blend (pensoil)
$1.99 a quart, but it just ran out the rear main leak :( I use it in the truck instead.
Freddie...Quakerstate :eek: don't they still use wax in the oil? I used they in my 74 nova, when I changed the 2bbl to a 4bbl and saw all that slugde in there :(
Hey Jim,

I never really heard of anything like that... :confused:
However, on a different forum I got this quote from a moderator:

Well, as long as the engine's broken in, there's nothing wrong with putting synthetic in it. Synthetic oil is most definitely not like silicone brake fluid (which can't be mixed with the regular stuff). You don't need to flush the engine when going to synthetic, and if you wanted to, you could even do something like pour in 2 bottles of synthetic and 2 bottles of conventional oil for some of the benefits of synthetic without the full cost. In fact, that's exactly what "synthetic blend" oil is - synthetic oil mixed with normal oil.
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I think this is a good idea. Saving some at the price via blending is what I'm looking for....:D