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Feb 10, 2003
freshening up my dads motor and upgrading to roller cam. quick question is what HG should i use? Felp pro 1000 or the 9441 pt? wont see over 23 lbs of boost on a 5252e with ported heads and forged pistons with rjc girdle. my dad only cruises around. unless i drive it :)
Agree. I'm using the FelPro 9441pt's without a problem. Just make sure to get the deck of the head and block perfectly clean and use electrical cleaner (brake clean leaves a residue) to wipe down before installing the heads.
There is no direct decision making relationship between head gasket type and boost.
Victor Reinz. Can't get 'em up here so I had to use the 9441 PT's. The fire rings were always egg shaped. Maybe their QT got better.