Oil Catch Can

I'm interested to see pictures of a few examples, too. And if you're running breathers on both valve covers, is it even worthwhile?
I installed my catch can behind my front bumper on the drivers side. My GZ sportsman pump is where my factory A/C pump was with a 7in serpentine pulley. Both valve covers have fittings tig welded into them. The drivers side has the pickup for the pump, the pass side I use for the oil fill and check valve. I plugged my factory PVC grommet and capped the vacuum line. Works like a charm.
I ran a few different set-ups. I never likes running them from the top of the valve cover. I always had to much oil splash that would migrate and fill up the catch can. My best success has been on the vertical surface just in front of each valve cover. I found the rocker pedestal to be a good natural oil deflector. I get no oil in my catch can, only condensation.


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There are a lot of options out there! I have a feeling adding a catch can will help my issue.
I was running the stock valve covers, tons of oil coming out the drivers side breather. Especially when racing. I kept a rag in the car to wipe off all the oil!! Went with a set of TA valve covers and that fixed that problem. Still getting a little oil On top of the Pistons occasionally. Blue smoke out of the tail pipes every once in a while. Usually when sitting at idle for extended periods. I'm running the RJC PCV as well.
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Looks like a very nice catch-can there!
There is a lot of oil spray particularly on the drivers side. I have two inserts in the breather holes and have them plumbed to a catch can someone made for me. I do wished I had put a drain in the bottom