oil cooler hoses Hook up


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Apr 20, 2004
Sorry for such a stupid question ......... I took off the factory oil cooler hoses for a rad replacement a while back and now can not remember which goes in the top and bottom of the rad?
They both seem to reach either port......and does it matter which way the oil flows through the cooler?


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does it matter where the line goes
is there a dedicated feeder & return line route?
And if so-if not connected correctly-what are the side effects?
...yes its a nice picture...now how bout give something really informative and tell us what size fittings you need to make your own braided steel or hose lines for an external oil cooler...conversions...1/2 NPT to say -8 or whatever is needed...what are the specs on all those fittings??? ...even the stock ones what are the measurements on them...thanks for info...noah.