Oil cooler plugs


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Jan 24, 2006
I'm looking for the correct size plugs for capping off the factory in/out ports where the factory oil cooler lines hooked up. It seems to be 3/4" in size but was told the threads are JIC? apparently that's somewhere inbetween NPT and standard threads...

I want to retain the sandwich adapter so I can run the bigger oil filter using the RJC adapter and am running a deep sump pan ( thanks Kip ) :)
you cant just cap them up , you could loop it but best is remove the adapter and if you want to run the biggie filter get the right biggie adapter
is there an aftermarket adapter I'm unaware of that'll still utilize the RJC threaded insert?
along the same lines, if i want to plug the oil cooler in the rad, what size woudl those plugs be?
3/4 inch on mine. they came on the stock replacement rad I ordered.