Oil filter recommendation?


johnny boost
Aug 15, 2001
I'm posting for a friend...
Just installed a freshly rebuilt motor into my buddy's TTA. Pretty much stock rebuild with the addition of a oil booster plate. He has about 400 miles on it and for the first time he decided to put some boost to the motor. Well I found out yesterday that he blew out the O-ring around the oil filter (AC DELCO). He gets very good oil pressure 75-80 psi COLD, 40 psi in park HOT. My question is what other performance/name brand filter can or should he use beside AC-Delco? I have the same oil pressures on my GN but use a Baldwin filter with a turbo saver and never had a problem. However he does not have a turbo saver so it will not work in this case... TIA

Mike Banas
I just started using AC Delco Gold series oil filters. I read about them on the AC Delco website.
I use the WIX filter, but I forget the number. It has an imporved anti drain back valve in it.
The bad news is that with all that oil pressure, he is bypassing the oil filter anyway. What color spring did you use? Or is it shimmed up to much? I would shoot for 20psi hot, and 10psi for every 1000 rpm, so at 6000 you need 60psi.