Oil leak from retun line


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Sep 15, 2003
I have been trying to find this leak for some time now and I finally have. It is leaking from where the line connects to the turbo. Its the line Johns performance. Ill try to describe where exactly it is. The piece that bolts to the turbo that you screw onto the return line is the source. I took off the return line from the turbo and tried screwing it on farther, it wouldnt really budge. So I connected back on the turbo and now it leaks even more, its like a steady stream :( . Should I take it back off and put some sealant on it? If so what kind?
dumb question: did you use a gasket between that plate and the turbo? Only other thing I can think of is to use some teflon tape on the threads.
Are you talking about the brass elbow that screws into the center section of the turbo?...if so that's the feed line...use some of the white sealant with teflon to seal the threads...if you're talking about the return line that uses 2 bolts to connect to the bottom of the turbo then it's probably the gasket or lack of...as mentioned...
Its the return line the fat one on the bottom. It has a gasket but it looks pretty messed up. It dosent seem to be leaking from there though. It looks to be coming from where the return line screws into the piece. Ill get a new gasket and use some teflon tape on the return line for good measure. Can the gasket be bought at Autozone or do they have to order it?
Alright I took off the drain line again to put some teflon tape on and found that the oil drain flange that the feed line screws into has broke in half :eek: Thats why it was leaking so bad. dont know if I tightened it to much or what. http://secure.johnsperformance.com/images/large/large-drain.jpg

That piece that is screwed onto the tube is what broke, where can I find another one? should I just contact johns performance.
Don't forget one thing.
Block pressure.
Are you building pressure in your block? Does your PCV valve work? You need good breathing in the block. Just a little pressure will screw-up the turbo oil return. The oil gets whipped into a foam and needs to "fall" back into engine. That's why the return line is 10x bigger than the feed line. Any pressure will cause problems/ oil leaks.