Oil Leak on front of motor


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Well I have been trying to track down this never ending oil leak that my car has had since before I bought it. The front of the motor is covered in oil from the sensor in front of the intake (has red, blue, and black wire in pictures) down. I have replaced the oil pan gasket and the VC gaskets. The oil is mainly on the drivers side but there is some on the passenger side. Is there any other common places that leak on the front of the motor that might be the culprit? Here's some pictures


And yes I'm cleaning up the front of the motor. Last winter I did most of the top but now I'm trying to tackle the front. The car was pretty dirty when I first got it and I'm just gradually fixing everything.
you can change the O ring on the cam sensor BUT I would also check the intake where it meets the heads :biggrin:
is there normally a problem with getting the intake to reseal to the heads? I know on some vehicles if you take the intake off it's almost impossible to get the intake to ever seal right again (3800, but the intake gasket is a common problem on those anyways). I've got it most of the way apart and was thinking about removing the intake manifold anyways.
I have never really had a problem with the intake sealing ... :confused: no big deal .. maybe I have been doin this junk to long :eek:
Another spot, turbo oil return line having a crack.

Intake seal could be the issue..no issues resealing.. use the FelPro gasket and RTV the ends.
I'm pulling the cam sensor this week, it doesn't really look like it's the intake gasket because there isn't any oil above the cam sensor. I might still go ahead and replace them anyways though.
Also, dont discount timing cover bolts as loose or missing.

Or even some just seeping thru.

I've seen it on TTA's and other injected 3.8 apps.