Oil Pressure gauge? Where to put sending unit


85 Triple Threat
Mar 12, 2004
I have a VDO oil pressure gauge Im wanting to put in my 85 Grand National. I know I can put the sending unit where the sending unit is for the factory idiot light but dont really want to do that because if oil pressure drops that factory sensor shuts off your fuel pump. Is there another place to put it on the block, or can I get a "T" and put both the new sending unit and factory one on hte same opening.
I would recommend heading to the hardware store adn using a "T". I know some members of the board don't like the "T" fitting due to the fact that it may leak, but if sealed properly with Teflon I think you will be ok.

I recently did the same mod and have had no issues.

I think it is 3/8" pipe.
Well see the only thing is about using teflon is that I am using electric gauges and in the instructions it says not to use teflon on the sending unit because then it wont be grounded.
If it is the same fitting as in the 86/7, drill and tap the stock fitting for the sending unit that you have, provided that the sending unit is not too big.
Use liquid teflon, I think it would be alright then. Even if you used the tape I still think you would get a ground. You could always try the tape and then get a volt meter and see if the sensor is grounding on the outside.
I am using electric sending unit as well and I am grounded. The thread will break through the tape in spots. You'll be fine.